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Do you have Austrian shillings or other currency withdrawn from circulation and replaced by the Euro? We can help you exchange these bills.

The Austrian schilling served as Austria’s currency for 63 years, until it was replaced by the Euro. The currency shares its name with the former British shilling.

While no longer in use, we specialize in exchanging out-of-circulation currencies such as Australian schillings. Both schilling bills and coins can be exchanged through our simple and secure trading service, without additional fees.


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Withdrawn from circulation – Austrian schilling

  • The Vienna-based Oesterreichische Nationalbank issued the Austrian schilling bills in 1983, which remained in circulation until they were replaced by the Euro in 2002.
  • Austrian schilling bills which were in circulation prior to 1983 no longer have monetary value.
  • The Austrian schilling is no longer the official currency of Austria.
  • The bills cannot be exchanged at banks or exchange offices.
  • Contact us to exchange the bills.

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Austrian coins withdrawn from circulation

  • Austrian schilling coins were in circulation until 2002, when they were replaced by the Euro. Both Austrian schilling and groschen coins were issued by the Austrian Mint. Each schilling is divided into 100 groschen.
  • The coins cannot be exchanged at banks or exchange offices.
  • We exchange the coins shown, regardless of when they were minted. We also exchange commemorative coins in denominations of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 schillings.
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