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First introduced in Hungary in 1946, the forint replaced Hungary’s previous currency, the pengő. The forint was named after the Florin, a Flemish gold coin produced from the mid-13th century.


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gip Hungarian Forint 100 HUF

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Hungarian forint currently in circulation

  • In 2004, the Hungarian National Bank issued the current series of Hungarian forint banknotes, replacing the previous series in order to improve anti-counterfeiting measures, including a holographic strip on the front of each bill. We exchange both current Hungarian forint banknotes and coins as well as those no longer in circulation.
  • These bills can be exchanged at a bank or currency exchange office.
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Discontinued Hungarian forints

  • The current Hungarian Forint banknotes were released in 2007, replacing the previous series in order to introduce improved anti-counterfeiting features. Produced by the Hungarian National Bank in Budapest, the current series includes a holographic security strip. No longer legal tender, Hungarian forint banknotes which have been withdrawn from circulation can be exchanged with our service.
  • These bills cannot be exchanged at banks or exchange offices.
  • Contact us to exchange bills.

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Hungarian coins in circulation

  • In 1993, the Budapest-based Hungarian Mint issued the current series of Hungarian forint coins in denominations ranging from 5 to 200 forints. These coins remain legal tender in Hungary, although the 1 and 2 Forint coins were removed from circulation in 1998. Presently, two different series of coins are in use. Those produced after 2012 bear the mark of MAGYARORSZÁG (Hungary), while those minted before that date bear the mark MAGYAR KÖZTÁRSASÁG (Republic of Hungary). Both are presently legal tender in Hungary.
  • Coins cannot be exchanged at banks or currency exchange offices outside of Hungary.
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