Mexican peso MXN

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We buy new Mexican pesos, post-1993 (MXN) and old Mexican pesos, pre-1993 (MXP)

Please note that Mexico experienced denomination back in 1993. Since then 1000 old Mexican pesos is 1 new Mexican peso. Pay attention to the date on your banknotes.

Do you have old, discontinued Mexican peso bills? You can quickly and easily exchange them for dollars. We can help you exchange the bills in the pictures.

Important! Read more info about peso before quoting/shipping them:


Exchange rates. Last update 2020-08-09 14:00:10

Currently in circulationDiscontinuedCoins

imp Mexican Peso (new, post-1993) 100 MXN<


imp Mexican Peso (old, pre-1993) 100 000 MXP



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Mexican pesos currently in circulation

  • These bills are the official currency of Mexico.
  • They can be exchanged at a bank or currency exchange office.
  • We can also quickly and easily exchange them for you.

Discontinued Mexican peso

  • Old versions of Mexican peso bills have been replaced with new designs.
  • The bills were legal tender in Mexico, but have since been withdrawn from use.
  • These bills cannot be exchanged at banks or exchange offices outside of Mexico.
  • Contact us to exchange bills.

Exchange your Mexican pesos for dollars!

Do you have discontinued peso bills? Would you like to exchange them?

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We buy Mexican peso coins

  • Peso coins currently in circulation are legal tender in Mexico.
  • We exchange the coins shown.
  • Fill in the contact form below to exchange coins.

Exchange your Mexican pesos for dollars!

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