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First established as the coinage of the Kingdom of Norway in 1875, the krone replaced the speciedaler. It shares its etymological origin with other currencies known as ‘koruna’ and ‘krona’, continuing the Scandinavian tradition of naming currencies in reference to the word ‘crown.’ In recent times, the krone has risen to prominence, and is known as a safe haven currency.


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Norwegian krone currently in circulation

  • This series VII banknotes stand apart from their series VI predecessors with an anti-counterfeiting holographic strip on the obverse side. First printed by the Oslo-based Norges Bank in 1999, these modern Norwegian krone banknotes are currently in circulation and are legal tender in Norway.
  • These banknotes can be exchanged at a bank or currency exchange office.
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Discontinued Norwegian krone

  • These discontinued Norwegian krone bills are distinct from the series VII Kroner bills issued to replace them in 1999, as they lack a holographic security strip. No longer valid as a form of currency in either Norway or Svalbard, we exchange these banknotes as well as the current Norwegian krone coins and banknotes.
  • These bills cannot be exchanged at banks or at currency exchange offices, and you can’t pay with them Norway and Svalbard.
  • Contact us to exchange bills.

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Norwegian krone currently in circulation

  • The Oslo-based Norges Bank has been producing Norwegian krone coins since 1875. The most recent run of coins were minted in 1994 in denominations ranging from 1 to 20 kroner, and remain legal tender. In 2012, the 50 øre coins were removed from circulation, and are no longer legal tender.
  • The bills can be exchanged normally at banks and currency exchange offices outside of Norway and Svalbard, but the coins are not accepted.
  • We can exchange the coins shown in the pictures, regardless of when they were minted.
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