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Since 1873, the Swedish krona has served as the currency of exchange in the Kingdom of Sweden, having replaced the previous currency, the riksdaler, at par.The name ‘krona’ shares its etymological origin with the koruna, krone, and kroon, all of which are taken from the Latin corona, or ‘crown.’


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Swedish krone currently in circulation

  • This series of Swedish krona banknotes feature portraits of famous Swedish citizens from the 20th century, and has been issued since 2015 by the Stockholm-based Sveriges Riksbank. Each figure on the Swedish krona banknotes represents a different part of Sweden, and the notes are legal tender throughout the country.
  • Swedish krone notes currently in circulation have a holographic security strip to protect against counterfeiting.
  • 20 krone banknotes do not have a holographic security strip and purple in color. Blue 20 krone banknotes have been discontinued.
  • These notes can be exchanged at a bank or currency exchange office.
  • Contact us to exchange bills.

Discontinued Swedish krona banknotes

  • These bills, issued prior to 1997, were produced without the anti-counterfeiting measures found on the newer editions, such as a holographic strip. The most recent edition was issued by the Sveriges Riksbank in 2015, after which all notes issued before 1997 were demonetized. While no longer legal tender, we can still exchange these notes at rates that reflect their value as a collector’s item. We can also exchange current Swedish krona banknotes and coins, along with those that which have been discontinued.
  • These bills can’t be exchanged at banks or at currency exchange offices, and you can’t pay with them in the Sweden.
  • We can quickly and easily exchange them for you.

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